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StreetWise is powered by the support, dedication, and knowledge of our more than 1,500 annual volunteers. There are many different ways to volunteer with us, whether you’re looking to spend a small amount of time to have a big impact, or looking for a longer term commitment. Follow the links below to learn about some of our one-time opportunities or to become a mentor for our unique 13-week program.

Ways to Volunteer


One-Time Opportunity

One-Time Opportunity

Become a


Speed Networking

Taking place at the midway point of our 13-week program, Speed Networking is an opportunity for our mentees to polish their elevator pitches and gain experience networking with professionals. Volunteers act as sounding boards, networking with our mentees and giving feedback to strengthen their pitch and grow their professional skills. This is a great opportunity to work one-on-one with our mentees and meet other like-minded volunteers.

“I was very impressed by the mentees. They were all well prepared and asked terrific questions. They were so enthusiastic and I’m glad to have participated.”

“Everyone I spoke to was very natural, they weren’t reading off a script or interviewing me. They were all great at speaking to what they were passionate about. We don’t have any open positions but I honestly wish we did so I could offer it to some of the mentees!”


Mock Interviews

After strengthening their resumes, polishing their elevator pitches, and developing solid, attainable career goals, our mentees are ready to take the job search by storm. During this event, you’ll conduct three mock interviews and provide feedback to prepare mentees to ace their next job interview. We’ll provide you with a job description and you’ll ask the questions. If you’re looking for an in-depth, one-time volunteer opportunity, this is the event for you!

“I was so impressed by all of the mentees. They answered by questions thoroughly and we were able to have a true conversation. They clearly took time to prepare.”

“It was a pleasure to attend this event. StreetWise makes such an amazing team and I love the work they do. It’s so exciting to be a part of a mentee’s process and even though I’m currently volunteering, I’d like to become a full-time mentor in the near future.”