by StreetWise Partners

December 14th, 2021


1. Catalyze change. By supporting us you are cultivating and investing in diverse talent which unleashes innovation, economic growth, and community advancement.


2. Backed by top companies. We partner and work closely with global companies like Napier Park, Jefferies, Fitch Ratings, EAB, Rocket Companies and others to directly connect our graduates to employment opportunities.


3. A community solution. We have 2,000+ volunteers from 50+ companies who believe in the StreetWise formula and are eager to be a part of the solution and build a more equitable workforce of the future.


4. Mentorship works. Our mentors train, support, and open doors for job seekers. On average our mentors and mentees stay in contact for 2 years, providing crucial guidance through job searches and navigating the early days of a new job or internship.


5. Real long-term impact. From 2020 – 2021, 70% of our graduates secured employment and quadrupled their wages from $10k to $45k. Our graduates are well on their way to achieving lifelong career success.


Please consider making a donation to StreetWise Partners today. Every dollar raised this year will drive career success for those who need it most. We have ambitious goals, and now is our time to deliver. Thanks to your support, next year we will provide 650 unemployed young adults and skilled immigrants with employment support through mentorship and training; an increase of 30% over last year.


This is their time to thrive, and this is your time too.


Be greater. Give back. Be a catalyst. Lead the charge. This is your time.

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