by StreetWise Partners

April 14th, 2022



Mentee Leadership Award  – Niranjan Joshi


Award Description: The Mentee Leadership Award goes to one mentee who demonstrated leadership, dedication, amazing time management, and strong communication skills.  This person inspired, supported, and encouraged other mentees in the program.  They met all deadlines, and their work was top quality. Most importantly, this mentee communicated their challenges, asked a lot of questions, and met with many mentors to ensure they got the most out of the program.


Niranjan’s Blurb: Niranjan has shown commitment to the StreetWise Partners program and has been driven, motivated, and committed to working towards and achieving his goals.  Niranjan is eager to learn and has gone above and beyond the expectations of the program. He has taken advantage of all that StreetWise has to offer by attending our special events, networking with many program volunteers and seeking out new sources of information. He conducted 10 informational interviews and completed all of his program deliverables well before their due dates. His high level of professionalism has been shown in his communication throughout the cycle, always following up in a timely manner and reaching out if he has any questions.




Mentee/Mentor Pair of the Cycle – Alexis Carpio/Marni Hamberg


Award Description: The Mentee/Mentor Pair of the Cycle is a mentee/mentor pair that works well together, is committed to both the program and to each other, accomplishes more than just submitting deliverables, and consistently goes above and beyond program requirements.


Alexis/Marni’s Blurb: Marni is completing her 3rd program as a StreetWise mentor and we are incredibly grateful to have her support once again! Marni brings years of experience, skills and knowledge to share with her mentee. Her understanding and empathy for others is clear, and she consistently goes above and beyond to create a welcoming space and to connect with her mentee. In the words of their lead volunteer: “this seems to have been a great pairing! Alexis has been on the ball with all his work and Marni has given him great guidance. They worked very well together and Alexis has made great progress.” Alexis has also put in an extraordinary amount of effort while a mentee. He sought out ways to connect and learn by attending multiple coffee chats and workshops to develop his skills. He even took the initiative to schedule a make up session when he knew he was going to be absent. Marni and Alexis have worked side by side this cycle to learn and grow. We are thrilled to present this award to Marni and Alexis, thank you both for giving it your all this cycle! Both Alexis and Marni would like to share a few words to accept this award- we will now hand it over to them.




Mentee Achievement Award – Rayhona Ergasheva


Award Description: The Mentee Achievement award goes to one mentee who showed enormous progress throughout the 13-week program.  While this program may have tested this mentee’s strength at times, their determination and motivation to improve themselves never wavered.


Rayhona’s Blurb: While Rayhona may have faced some obstacles throughout the course of the program, she always handled them with professionalism. Rayhona was always proactive and communicative whether it was to address a scheduling issue, reach out for an extension or notify me of her progress without being prompted. Rayhona took advantage of networking opportunities and connected with a variety of professionals to learn more about the marketing industry, and she did it all while juggling a variety of other priorities.




Volunteer Award – Aaron Liu


Award Description: The Volunteer Award is presented to one volunteer who goes above and beyond in bringing their expertise and knowledge to support all mentees during their program night and in supporting their mentee throughout the StreetWise Partners program.


Aaron’s Blurb: Aaron is a first time mentor this cycle and his dedication to the program and to his mentee was evident from day one. Aaron came to StreetWise in search of a longer-term volunteer opportunity in which he could really make a difference in people’s lives. Inspired by his relationships with his past mentors, he wanted to bring his own learnings and skill to help others. Each week of the program, Aaron brought detailed, actionable insights and experience and shared them in the group freely. In the words of his lead volunteer: “Aaron always impressed with what he had to say, and I made a note on multiple occasions to do myself what he was recommending mentees to do.” On behalf of the entire StreetWise team, we want to say thank you to Aaron for being committed and engaged each week, for always bringing a friendly, positive attitude and for all of the work he has put in these past few months. I’m sure his mentee would agree that he has made a difference in someone’s life. We are honored to present you with this award tonight- congratulations Aaron!

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