by StreetWise Partners

October 22nd, 2021


According to Fast Company, by 2030, Gen Z will make up 30% of the workforce. And they are changing the networking narrative.


Estimates suggest that up to 70% of all jobs are not published on publicly available job search sites. Research has long shown that anywhere from half to upwards of 80% of jobs are filled through networking. Those with a mentor are 9x more likely to get promoted.


However, our Gen Z friends are approaching networking and job seeking much more virtually than ever before—a trend that was accelerated by the pandemic.


Handshake, a platform that connects students and employers, surveyed over 1,200 alumni and soon-to-be graduates as well as analyzed more than 2 million connections this year. The research reveals the following:


– Who you know remains critical for employment success

– Yet nearly 7 in 10 job seekers believe that they do not need to meet in person to forge a meaningful professional connection.

– Women are 26% more likely than men to believe you do not need to meet in person to make a professional connection.

– 87% of job seekers believe that messaging with an employer may lead to a job.

– Across gender, race, ethnicity, and first-generation student status, 8 in 10 agree that it’s easier for them to learn about a career they’re interested in and make a wider range of professional connections than was possible in their parents’ generation.


“With two-thirds of respondents reporting they believe professional connections can occur completely online, the ongoing question is not whether Gen Z is willing to get out from behind their screens, but rather will they even have to?” says Christine Cruzvergara, Handshake’s Chief Education Strategy Officer tells Fast Company.


The internet is viewed as an equalizer, giving access to information, resources and network potential. StreetWise is making sure that our clients have a wealth of opportunity and understand how to take advantage of virtual networking. Cruzvergara believes that “Gen Zers will undoubtedly leverage their digital-native skills for the foreseeable future.”


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