New York – January 19, 2023 – As part of HSBC Corporate Sustainability’s Involve Volunteer Grant program, employees from across the organization nominate non-profits that are making an impact in our communities. Each year, HSBC Bank USA’s CEO, Michael Roberts, awards his Involve CEO Prize to what he considers to be HSBC’s best non-profit partner. This year he selected Streetwise Partners, honoring our 4 years of partnership in driving economic equity. Over 200 HSBC volunteers have participated in StreetWise Partners’ events representing over 1,000 hours of volunteer service.


“We are extremely excited that StreetWise Partners won this prize,” says Neil Middleton, Senior Risk Officer at HSBC USA. “The recognition raises StreetWise Partners’ profile at HSBC and provides an opportunity to further deepen and broaden the strategic partnership between our two organizations.”


Over 500 job seekers have interacted with HSBC employees through the partnership over the years at workshops such as: the Race and Corporate America series: the Black Experience in the Workplace and the Asian Experience in the Workplace; How to Make a Strong First Impression at Work and; Combatting Imposter Syndrome.


“It is such an honor to receive this award,” says Shari Krull, Chief Executive Officer, StreetWise Partners. “We are on a mission to create the most diverse, empowered and capable workforce for today and tomorrow, and HSBC’s partnership is making this possible”. 

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