by StreetWise Partners

December 16th, 2021


Begins at J.P. Morgan
Summer 2022!

Mentee Saraswati

I saw Desiree´ not as a mentor, more like a best friend.

Saraswati, a student at Baruch College aspiring to get her business degree, joined StreetWise as a mentee in Spring 2019.

She matched with her mentor Desiree´ and they clicked immediately. Her dream was to land a job at a big bank. After hearing about Desiree’s experiences working at J.P. Morgan, Saraswati was inspired to pursue a role at the company.

Even after graduating from the StreetWise program, Saraswati and Desiree´ stayed closely connected.

With Desiree’s support, in 2020 Saraswati successfully landed a coveted summer internship at J.P. Morgan, and then a full time role.

5 years at J.P. Morgan

Mentor Desiree´

I referred her but in my opinion, she made it happen.

Desiree´ joined StreetWise as a mentor in Spring 2019 and matched with Saraswati. Even after the program ended, she continued to mentor Saraswati as she applied for summer internships.

Desiree´ personally referred Saraswati for an internship at J.P. Morgan, and guided her through the application and interview process.

Saraswati got the internship! From there, Desiree´ helped her network further at J.P. Morgan, and soon enough Saraswati landed a full-time role at the company.

They are both excited to work together and Desiree´ can’t wait to help Saraswati continue to learn, network and grow in her new role.

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