The new Napier Park program will be designed to provide individuals from historically overlooked  communities with career opportunities in the finance industry


New York – November 12, 2021 – Leading alternative credit manager Napier Park Global Capital (“Napier  Park”) today announced that it has launched a two-year rotational analyst program with StreetWise  Partners, a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating employment opportunities for individuals from historically overlooked and under-resourced communities. 


Each year, StreetWise pairs 600 individuals from the communities it serves in New York, Washington D.C.,  and Michigan with mentors to help them find careers and professional success. With the support of more  than 2,000 volunteers and 50 companies—including Napier Park—StreetWise has transformed the lives of  8,000 job seekers since its inception in 1997. 


As part of the new analyst program, two individuals from StreetWise Partners’ mentorship network were  hired by Napier Park on October 25, 2021. The Analysts will rotate through various departments of the firm to broaden their industry knowledge and expertise. The Analysts will also receive continuous mentorship  and training throughout the program.  


“At Napier Park, we take a proactive approach to identifying and hiring top talent to best serve our client’s  needs” said Nadja Marcoz, Partner at Napier Park. “We are thrilled to announce the launch of this Analyst  Program and excited to welcome the Analysts to the Napier Park family.”  


“We are proud to partner with Napier Park and are thrilled that they have hired two of our graduates” said  Shari Krull, CEO of StreetWise Partners. “This new analyst program is a perfect expression of our mission to  create a more diverse and equitable workforce by helping individuals leverage the skills they already have  and connect them to better job opportunities.” 


About Napier Park Global Capital 


Napier Park is a leading alternative credit manager with more than $17 billion in assets under  management, active in a diverse range of markets around the world including credit funds, CLOs and real  assets. Napier Park differentiates itself through its world-class infrastructure, creativity and decades of  specialized expertise, enabling the firm’s institutional clients to invest intelligently in credit. Napier Park has  offices in New York, London and Switzerland. For more information visit

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