by StreetWise Partners

September 16th, 2021



In 2018, Val joined StreetWise Partners in Washington, D.C. looking to advance her career. At the time she was a new mom, and was struggling to find a full-time position in IT. Here is a note Val sent us about how StreetWise shaped her journey since.


Hi Simitha and Monica!


Hope you are doing great! I just wanted to share what’s been happening since I finished the StreetWise program. You helped me in ways I couldn’t imagine.


My baby girl Vicky was born last week, and my older daughter Mary is now 2 years old. I am writing now because I see the impact of my job at Booz Allen on my mental health and how it completely changed my motherhood journey this time around. When I had Mary, I was not really at the “place” I wanted to be. I was barely making 24k a year in my part-time job. I wasn’t struggling with finances to the point that I couldn’t pay my bills (my partner, now husband was working) but I was worried about my long-term financial situation–the cost of childcare, minimal savings, no retirement plan, medical insurance, etc. I was under a lot of stress.


At the time I was working in IT for a small company on limited projects to gain experience, and continued working at a restaurant to increase my income. I worked hard and studied more, and with all the skills that I gained at StreetWise I was finally able to land a great job at Booz Allen almost a year and a half ago. Today I’m making almost 100k. This has opened doors for me and my family. Thanks to this job I was recently approved for a mortgage for a nice townhouse. This job brought me and my family so much stability during COVID times. With paid maternity leave and lots of other great benefits it is so much easier to take care of a newborn.

Thank you so much!



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