by StreetWise Partners

September 16th, 2021



Last summer, StreetWise Partners launched an Employer Advisory Board (EAB) to ensure we remain at the forefront of responding to a rapidly changing workforce landscape. We invited Chief Human Resource Officers, hiring managers, external recruiters, and DEI specialists to share their expertise, advise on hiring trends, offer industry insights, and identify best practices that can ultimately help close the opportunity gap for StreetWise mentees. Since the EAB first formed over a year ago, this diverse group of thought leaders have worked closely with our staff to inform key decisions surrounding program curriculum and strategic initiatives.


One of these initiatives was the pilot of a new job placement program in New York City earlier this year. The goal of the program was to accelerate placement of StreetWise mentees into jobs and internships by leveraging StreetWise’s existing partnerships with global companies. EAB members supported this new initiative by facilitating introductions to potential hiring partners and aiding in the development of the program format. As a result of these efforts, we established hiring partnerships with top companies including Blackstone, Napier Park, Jefferies, Fitch Ratings, Tradeweb, and Gemini, which allowed us to successfully place 20 mentees into internships and entry-level roles!


In addition, the EAB supported the program team in updating the content of our core 13-week mentorship program to ensure our curriculum evolves to match shifting hiring trends and technological advancements. Members also participated in panel discussions and fireside chats with our mentees to advise on topics of interest and industry specific trends in hiring.


Going into the fall, workforce development and job placement organizations including StreetWise face numerous challenges to reopening in-person, hybrid, and virtual services. In a recent discussion about the current hiring landscape, EAB members shared:


– Hiring diverse talent remains a top priority for employers.

– There is a high demand for talent, and low supply of candidates with desired skills.

– Employees who remained in their positions during the pandemic are now searching for new opportunities making the competition in the job market even more fierce.

– There is a rising trend of employers releveling and creating transparency around salaries.

– Remote work is still of interest to many job candidates however 98% of younger candidates prefer a hybrid or fully in-person work environment.

– As companies reopen office spaces, many continue with a flexible remote work policy while others move towards a hybrid/in-person model. Even within companies policies vary between departments and teams.

– Work/life integration is expected to be a big trend moving forward.


As we look ahead, we are continuing to hone our program model and curriculum while also expanding employment services for graduates of our program–all with the support of our Employer Advisory Board.


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