by Marsh McLennan and StreetWise Partners partnership

October 23rd, 2021



Most people know the generic value of volunteering—feeling better about yourself and those around you, team building, enhanced company culture… The list goes on. But what about the other, less touted positives? Like developing a new skill, expanding your network, or learning from the person you are mentoring? That’s what our partnership with StreetWise Partners is all about—the more well-known and obvious benefits of giving back, and those lesser known benefits.


Marsh McLennan has partnered with StreetWise Partners for nearly 20 years — back when corporate partnerships weren’t as established as they are now. Through the years, we’ve worked on many projects together, from the seasonal mentoring sessions to one-off volunteer events with a team of our executives. 


And our colleagues have gained so much from our partnership. They’ve supported countless mentees to enter the workforce, whether to our own company or others. They’ve helped mentees expand their LinkedIn connections through networking and attending events, land internships of their dreams and create stand-out resumes and cover letters. And throughout all this, they’ve expanded their own connections, updated their resumes, learned a thing or two from their mentee and gained a lot more confidence. 


In the past year, we’ve held 6 stand-alone events and multiple colleagues have served as mentors.


We value our partnership with StreetWise Partners because of the good they do in not just one community, but three. The work they’re doing to increase equity for under-resourced communities is so important, and we are a proud partner.


There are currently 14 Marsh McLennan colleagues serving as mentors in our 13-week fall program. Elanee Gashaw, Diversity Partnerships and Sourcing Leader at Marsh McLennan is a valued member of our Employer Advisory Board.


Over the past twelve months, Marsh McLennan hosted the following events with StreetWise Partners:


Be greater. Give back. Be a catalyst. Lead the charge. This is your time.

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