by StreetWise Partners

January 23rd, 2023

January is National Mentoring Month. We’re sharing stories to highlight the transformative power of the mentoring relationship for both mentees and mentors. Next up is mentee Britney Golston and her mentor Tiffany Malloy.

As a junior at Hunter College in New York City, Britney Golston had lots of questions about her future: What should her next steps be after college? Where should she start? Should she apply to graduate school or jobs? Overwhelmed by having to juggle school, homework, and work, she wanted to feel more centered. And she wanted support to help her get there. 


That’s when she joined StreetWise Partners and started working with her mentor, Tiffany Malloy. Tiffany is a Senior Customer Success Manager for Glint, part of LinkedIn, and the Global Associate Chief of Staff for LinkedIn’s Black Inclusion Group.  Tiffany helped Britney update her resume and LinkedIn profile, expand her professional network, and prepare for interviews. Equally important, she helped Britney learn how to make herself a priority.   


 “When I first met Tiffany, I had a lot of fantastic ideas and a system in place, but she helped me see its weaknesses and taught me how to improve it without sacrificing my general wellbeing or mental health,” says Britney.  


Britney uses the word “transformative” to describe their relationship and shares: “I didn’t know I needed her until I met her. She helped my life take off. So many opportunities came my way because I was less stressed, more calm, cool, and collected.” As Britney learned to better manage her time, she improved her grades and landed a job as a scanning clerk at the New York Headache Center – a job she loves and that gives her the flexibility she needs as she finishes school.  


“My mentee is my buddy, with boundaries,” says Tiffany. “When we recently met, Britney shared updates about school, her current job success, internship and job search, and her health. I’m grateful to have her trust. Her wins are mine.” 


StreetWise Partners recognized Britney and Tiffany as the NYC Mentor/Mentee Pair of the Spring 2022 Cycle for working well together, committing to the program and to each other, and consistently going above and beyond program requirements. After completing the program – 13 weeks of virtual or in-person mentoring, followed by nine months of follow-up meetings — Britney and Tiffany kept up their relationship.  


Both women point to their shared experiences as a reason for their strong connection and ability to be forthcoming with each other. “We are both Black women from New York City so we understand each other’s experiences,” says Tiffany. 


Britney shares that sentiment: “As another woman of color, it was easy to identify with Tiffany. The adversity she’s faced in certain situations, I’ve felt too. That made our dynamic flow so naturally.” 


Britney is currently finishing her last semester of college. Her future plans include earning a master’s degree in healthcare administration, improving her financial literacy, and seeing the world by taking all the trips on her bucket list. 


Interested in joining StreetWise Partners as a mentee or a mentor? Submit your name and email address below and we’ll get in touch. 

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