Community partnerships allow StreetWise to expand our reach and spread the power of mentorship. Individuals with mentors are more likely to be successful in school, more likely to be leaders in their communities, and more likely to gain opportunities for ongoing education and career choices. However, only 5% of hard skills training programs incorporate a formal mentoring component, and in career development departments at most community colleges, students outnumber staff 1,000 to 1.

Being a community partner means your business is able to connect the invaluable hard skills training they provide to the structured, one-on-one professional skills training StreetWise offers.

Our plan for change in the community.

Community and City Colleges

Community and city colleges break down barriers to a college degree. Many times, however, these institutions lack the resources to give individualized professional development. Through our mentorship program, students have access to customized support as they navigate the job market.

Hard Skills Training Programs

Programs such as Npower or Per Scholas teach individuals some of the most in demand hard skills so they can compete in today’s economy. By partnering with StreetWise, these programs supplement their curriculum with equally important soft skill training to ensure their constituents are set up for success.

Social Services

60% of our mentees are recent or first-generation immigrants, many of whom are underemployed due to cultural barriers or lack of network despite extensive experience. Through StreetWise, these mentees are able to translate their experience in their job search and gain a significant network.

Their time is now your time.

Be greater. Give back. Be a catalyst. Lead the charge. This is your time.

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