StreetWise Partners collaborates with leading companies to provide high impact, skills-based volunteer activities!

Host A StreetWise Partners Mentoring Program At Your Company

Volunteers from your company will dedicate 2-3 hours weekly after work in a group session and assist with resumes, cover letters, public speaking, interviewing, goal setting and professional development

  • This is a turn-key approach to accessible volunteer opportunities
  • It allows you to maximize volunteer time and firm resources!

Plan Customized “Days of Doing”

Host special “Days of Doing” with your team, affinity group or Employee Resource Group.

  • The StreetWise staff will create customized on-site events that incorporate the strengths and interests of your team.
  • Build teamwork and transfer professional skills to others in need!

Send Us Volunteers

We work with 1000 volunteers annually and would love to work with your employees!

Hire Our Graduates

Every six months, we graduate a group of motivated, talented and diverse individuals who have very strong professional and soft skills.  Let us help you with your hiring needs!