• Detroit Mentor Application

    Thank you so much for your interest in being a mentor with StreetWise Partners. Please complete the application below. We use this application to ensure we make the best mentee/mentor pairs possible so it is important that you answer all of the questions. Once your application is complete you will receive an email notifying you of next steps. We look forward to working with you!
  • Site Selection

  • StreetWise Partners' Detroit program is held every Tuesday or Thursday evening from 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM beginning September 8th and ending December 10th. The program will be 100% virtual.

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  • Matching Form

    These questions will help us pair you with a mentee if you are accepted to the program.
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    If you have not worked in any other industries check "Not Applicable"
  • Interviewing: Discuss and practice interview techniques
    Networking: How to sell yourself, how to form and maintain relationships
    Job Search Skills: Where to look and how to apply for a job; how to follow-up on your resume or application
    Professional Communication: Verbal and written communication skills including email etiquette
    Public Speaking: Becoming more confident speaking in front of a group
    Resume Writing: what to include, formatting and language
    Project Management: Meeting deadlines, setting a schedule and making productive use of your time

    Choose up to four below
  • Direct and to the point: Someone who will push you and be honest
    Honest with a soft approach: Someone who will be honest and supportive at the same time. Lead you in the right direction and give a soft push, but not push too hard.
    Coaching: Someone who has a collaborative approach to feedback and will explore all avenues until you both agree.

    Choose one below
  • Our program meets every Tuesday or Thursday beginning the September 8th and ending December 10th.
  • Document Submission

  • Please upload your most recent resume here. You may also send it directly to Detroit Program Director at alphonso@streetwisepartners.org
  • Feel free to include your LinkedIn URL so that we can connect more!
  • *This is only required for new mentors or mentors who have changed jobs since last mentoring* This can be from a supervisor, HR dept, or an offer letter - simply stating your name, company, and when you started. You may also email to Alphonso at alphonso@streetwisepartners.org.