Lead Volunteer Application

  • Lead Volunteer Application

    Thank you so much for your interest in being a Lead Volunteer with StreetWise Partners. Please complete the application below. We use this application to ensure we make the best lead volunteer/mentee/mentor pairs possible so it is important that you answer all of the questions. Once your application is complete you will receive an email notifying you of next steps. We look forward to working with you!
  • All programs run from 6:30-9pm each night. Please choose your desired day. Please make sure to select the day for the correct region.
  • We do our best to give everyone their first choice of day. However, we need an equal number of Lead Volunteers each night and cannot guarantee that space will be available at every location.
  • Thank you for your interest in becoming a StreetWise Partners officer.

    StreetWise Partners officers are experienced, high-performing volunteer leaders who have have demonstrated exceptional leadership in, enthusiasm for, and commitment to our program. Officers exemplify professionalism, preparedness, and accountability for the StreetWise Partners program.

    After submitting this application, StreetWise Partners staff will be in touch with you about setting up an interview.
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  • Contact Information

  • Please note that our automatic registration confirmation email will be sent to your personal email address.
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  • Employment Information

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  • Does your company provide funds for volunteer hours or matching financial gifts? If yes, please provide additional details (ex: type, matching cap, approval process for hours, etc).
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