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Each year in New York City, there are 44,000 middle wage jobs available, and yet 2.6 million New Yorkers are not prepared to meet this demand.


Besides having the basic hard skills required for the job, 90% of search firms cite a lack of professional and soft skills as the largest barrier to hiring talent.

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A New York Mentorship Story

Meet Karim Hammoud and Maya Pochiraju

Karim Hammoud emigrated from Syria four years ago fleeing the civil war. He arrived with a degree in Accounting, experience as the Vice President of his own start-up, and a desire to start anew. He quickly ran into many roadblocks, from culture differences to a lack of network. Then he found StreetWise.

Our program introduced Karim to his mentor, Maya Pochiraju, a Product Manager and Technology Lead at Blackstone. She was a seasoned mentor who had volunteered with StreetWise for two years before meeting Karim, and her magnetic personality and natural leadership made her a standout mentor.

Together, Maya and Karim worked to help him navigate the ins and outs of American corporate culture. He was introduced to professional contacts through informational interviews and regained his drive to succeed. Through Maya’s mentorship, he was able to translate his experience into a new career.

Now a financial analyst at a media company, Maya and Karim’s relationship continues. They return to their favorite coffee shop often to catch up and have turned their mentorship into a friendship.

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