by Cenk Cafer

December 16th, 2021


Wow! The last 13 weeks with the StreetWise Partners has been absolutely amazing. I am super grateful to StreetWise Partners and everyone who joined to contribute to making the program so fruitful. I really grew there in terms of my professional development and network. I got so much better at interviewing, building resumes, meeting new people and much more. I am so lucky to have crossed paths with so many kind and supportive people. I never would have thought that I would receive so much help from so many people. I want to thank everyone at StreetWise Partners so much for bringing me along for the ride. I truly am grateful to you all and learned a lot, I will definitely be passing the knowledge on to others as well to help lift up anyone in need of the same guidance that I needed. Hopefully one day I can become a mentor at SWP too! Knowing the impact I could make in helping guide someone’s life for the better would give me a strong feeling of content.

I want to give a big big thank you to my mentor Skyler Schain who has been like a big brother to me. I appreciate you so much and you have really opened my eyes on how to work more efficiently and helped me come out of my shell because of how down to earth you are, it was really easy to talk with you and connect. Thank you to Lexi Quint for passing on such great advice to me. I have felt a lot more confident in how I will approach the new opportunities that lie ahead.

And a big thank you to all the people at SWP who helped make this happen: Ryan MurphyUshindi LewisDave FontJessica GrimaOlivia MartinezIban VazquezNaseem KapdiMaría Elena Fraga

To all the other mentors and volunteers I cannot thank you enough; you are all making a big difference in our lives and we will go on to spread the support you have bestowed on us to future generations.

Thank you again to everyone in the StreetWise family, for making this possible. I am sure I will be carrying all the knowledge and tools passed on to me from SWP throughout my career. Congratulations to all my peers who graduated as well! May each and everyone of you find your own successes and I will be cheering you all on along the way!

Be greater. Give back. Be a catalyst. Lead the charge. This is your time.

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