by Lina Rahoumi

February 18th 2022



My name is Lina Rahoumi. I’m originally from the Middle East and came to the U.S. at a young age. I have been in New York City ever since. I learned about StreetWise Partners as a student at Brooklyn College. I was just about to graduate with a degree in Business Management (specializing in tech) and was interested in exploring a career in criminal justice/cybersecurity.


At StreetWise I met my mentor Shamavi Kim, a Product Growth Analyst at Instagram. I love my relationship with my mentor. Shamavi was absolutely amazing throughout the program, helping me every step of the way and always giving me great advice to follow. She helped me look for full time positions and update my resume and cover letter. She worked with me on my goals and schedule and was always available if I had any questions. I couldn’t be more grateful to have a mentor like her!


I think one of the most important skills StreetWise Partners taught me is how to network and set up informational interviews. This was something I had never learned how to do. I was also able to practice my interview skills and update my resume and cover letter. One of my favorite events at StreetWise Partners was the mock interviews. We had to prepare for an interview for a certain position we chose and were interviewed by 2 people. I remember being very nervous in the beginning but as soon as it began, it felt extremely natural and I was able to practice what I learned throughout the StreetWise Partners program. It was an extremely important skill to learn and StreetWise did a great job preparing us.


Another highlight of my StreetWise experience was landing my internship at Global Atlantic Financial Group, a top global insurance company. I am currently interning there as an IT Business Management Analyst. It’s fun, engaging and challenging and offers a great opportunity to network and meet other people. I heard about this opportunity directly from StreetWise. Naseem, the New York Manager of Alumni Engagement and Employment Services, reached out to share this opportunity with me. After I decided to apply, Naseem she gave me ample support with the application process.


In five years, I want to continue learning new things in whichever job I have, hopefully analyzing data and being able to take on a leadership position in the future.


For anyone considering joining StreetWise Partners, I would say go for it! It’s an incredible program. You will gain valuable resources and wisdom you can take with you anywhere you go. Finding a mentor to lean on and support you through your professional journey is the best thing you can do. Both you and your mentor will learn so much from each other and grow.

Be greater. Give back. Be a catalyst. Lead the charge. This is your time.

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