by Uuganbayar Tsetsegbayar

January 25th 2022


Hooray! It was such an amazing experience with all of the people in this StreetWise Partners fall 2021 program. I am grateful for this opportunity to meet/network with all of you, especially Monica Floyd, Jazmine Moore and my mentor, Gabriel Cano (He/Him) . Gabe was working with me whole 13-weeks to complete this program. I am thankful that he shared his all experiences and great tips on job search and interviews with me. I couldn’t finish this without his clear guidance and advice. Again, I will apply everything I learned from this program and people for my coming job interviews. This program definitely will help me to land my ideal job and change my life!🙏😊 I highly recommend this program to anyone who is willing to change their job or starting new career change. Overall 2021 was a full of learning and meeting with new people. I am excited about #2022.

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