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Becoming a mentor is one of the most rewarding ways to get involved with StreetWise. By volunteering in our mentorship program, you have the unique opportunity to directly impact an individual’s career. As a mentor, you’ll provide in-person guidance, feedback, and advice to your mentee as they develop their professional skills and change their life.


How It Works


Our one year program operates in two phases:

You Could Be Part Of A Mentee’s Success Story

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Why Mentor with StreetWise?

At StreetWise Partners, mentors gain leadership skills and
expand their professional networks while strengthening
their community.

Change a life.
Our unique mentorship program has a proven success rate, with 70% of mentees employed within one year, and another 20% pursuing advanced training. By volunteering as a mentor, you play a vital role in guiding mentees to success.

Grow your network.
Mentors come from a variety of industries: finance, media, technology, government,  advertising, and more. The group atmosphere allows you to connect with professionals you might not meet otherwise and bond over a shared desire to make a difference.

Develop your career.
With access to exclusive professional development seminars and workshops, you have the opportunity to expand your knowledge on everything from public speaking to leadership to industry specific topics.


Our mentors provide a vital resource to both the organization and the mentees. As such, we are committed to finding the best volunteers we can to help us effectively accomplish our mission.

We ask that applicants have a minimum of 2 years full-time professional experience and in addition are able to:

  • Commit to the entire thirteen week program and nine month follow up.
  • Attend a mentor training prior to program.
  • Exhibit patience and empathy with a mentee.
  • Act as a role model and a leader.

“From joining as a mentor in 2017 to volunteering in two committees on the Volunteer Leadership Board, StreetWise has been an incredible volunteering opportunity. StreetWise provided a unique space for me to create deep and meaningful relationships, not only with other professionals in DC, but also with those that have entirely different backgrounds than my own. While serving as a mentor, I fostered a strong connection with my mentee both on a professional and a personal friendship level. I got to understand what motivated him to achieve and saw incredible growth that drastically changed and bolstered his future career path. Serving on the board has given me the ability to use my business strategy skills and professional network to help grow and shape the program that gave me such an incredible experience. I look forward to watching StreetWise continue to shape lives of its mentees and volunteers going forward! ”

-Rohan Bhatt, Mentor

It only takes four easy steps to join:

1. Information Session

Attend an in-person or web based information session that will provide you with in-depth information you need to determine if this is the right program for you.

2. Online Application

Once you attend an information session you will be able to fill out a short online application.

3. Interview

This interview, in-person or over the phone, will help us determine if you are a good fit for our program, and help us gather information needed to pair you with a mentee.

4. Enrollment

Once we have accepted you into the program, our staff will personally match you with a mentee and co-mentor to make the most productive pairing possible.

Program Dates and Deadlines