What We Do

StreetWise Partners’ goal is to leverage mentorship to increase employment opportunities for adults from overlooked and under-resourced communities within New York, Washington, D.C. and Detroit.

StreetWise Partners pairs volunteers with mentees who are unemployed or underemployed to provide them with the skills, resources and access to networks they need to secure and maintain employment.


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Who We Serve

Our program annually serves 400 mentees through the support of 50+ corporations and 1,500 volunteers. Since our inception in 1997, StreetWise Partners has transformed the lives of 7,000 job seekers through the support of 12,000 volunteers.

Our mentees are:

  • Unemployed or underemployed men and women ages 18+ from historically overlooked and under-resourced communities in New York City, Washington D.C., and Detroit.
  • High School or High School Equivalent/GED graduates with basic hard skills training and/or college.
  • Individuals facing limitations and challenges spanning work, education, access to professional networks, and role models and unstable housing.

How We Do It

We Match

2:1 Volunteers:Mentees

Mentees receive double the network, double the experiences, double the skill sets.

Mentors pay it forward while supercharging their careers and expanding their network.

We Professionalize

Our 12-month Workforce Mentoring Program uses an employer-driven curriculum to help our mentees develop the professional skills needed to secure a job and launch a career.

All mentoring takes place in corporate settings to help mentees become comfortable in these often foreign environments.

We Network

We introduce our mentees to an exclusive network of the best and brightest volunteers who offer knowledge, expertise, contacts, and opportunities to jumpstart a career.

Mentees and mentors both receive opportunities to attend events outside of program to grow their professional networks and continue their development.

We Connect

We connect our graduates with internship and job opportunities so they can put the skills they've gained to work.

We continue to work with mentees beyond program through alumni development events. Some mentees even return to be mentors themselves!