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StreetWise Partners’ mentorship program helps you gain professional skills required for a job. We pair you with business professionals who guide you through the curriculum and are dedicated to supporting you as you achieve your goals.


How It Works


Our one year program operates in two phases:

Take the first step towards a meaningful career:

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What You Will Gain

StreetWise Partners’ program offers a unique opportunity to focus on professional skills that are often left out of traditional training programs. Together with you mentors, you will work to develop these crucial skills and forge connections that will help you as you navigate your professional journey.

Identify your passions.
Work with your mentors to set effective goals, then learn how to make them happen with four (or more) informational interviews in your prospective field.

Highlight your strengths.
With your mentors’ insight, and the help of the Gallup StrengthsFinder ®, craft a compelling resume, and engage hiring managers with effective cover and thank you letters.

Expand your network.
Through the 50+ mentors at each program site, one-time volunteers, and exclusive corporate workshops, you’ll have the opportunity to make new connections to further your career.

Communicate effectively.
Whether it’s networking at a happy hour, or presenting work to your team, you’ll grow more comfortable expressing yourself confidently in a professional setting.

Ace your interview.
Enhance your interview skills by developing answers to common questions, and practicing with volunteer professionals.

Program Eligibility Requirements

StreetWise might be the right program for you if:

You are at least 18 years of age.

You are actively seeking employment in a professional setting.

You have a high school diploma or the equivalent.

You are legally authorized to work in the United States.

You can attend the 13-week program in person.

You can communicate proficiently in English.

You have access to a computer and email.

You are open to self evaluation and constructive feedback.

Hear from a Mentee

“I loved the atmosphere that Streetwise Partners provides. You build a relationship with most if not all the mentors in the program and you feel close to all of them. I learned a lot from my mentor as well as all the other mentors in the program. Being able to come to an environment where everyone is open to helping you find your path is truly a blessing. There is no dumb question. Whenever I didn’t know something that dealt with company culture or even etiquette of accepting a job I was able to ask my mentor and he guided me through it step by step. He even allowed me to get in contact with some of his friends as well as use his network to get me interviews (which is not a requirement of the program). What I enjoyed most about the program was the fact that I met people who gave me genuine advice. They gave me different perspectives when coming to them with my professional problems. They are always willing to help if you just build up the courage to ask!”

– Saiem bin Ferdous, Mentee

It only takes four easy steps to join:

1. Information Session

Join us for an in-person information session where we will give a more detailed look at our program to determine if this is the right program for you.

2. Online Application

After attending the information session you will receive an email with a link to our program application.

3. Interview

In this interview, we will talk about education, career goals, and what you are hoping to achieve through the program.

4. Enrollment

If we agree that you’re a good match for the program, we will let you know via e-mail. Our staff then personally matches all mentees with their mentors to find the perfect partnerships.

Program Dates and Deadlines

Start your journey with StreetWise:

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