How It Works

StreetWise Partners offers a 12 month mentoring program to help you gain professional skills required for a job. We match you with 2 mentors who are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.

Our one year program operates in two phases:

We Host Two Programs A Year:

September thru December
March thru June

Phase One:

13 weeks of in-person mentoring

6:30-9pm on the weekday of your choice or 11:30-2pm on Saturday

You meet your mentors each week at a corporate site – you will be with 25 other mentoring matches to widen your network!

Phase Two:

9 months of follow up

Follow-ups, including bi-weekly calls and on-going coaching from your mentors.

There is no cost for the program

Take the first step towards a meaningful career

NYC Informational Session DC Informational Session

What You Will Gain

You and your mentors will follow a guided curriculum that will help you achieve the following:

  • Craft a compelling resume, cover and thank you letters
  • Significantly enhance your interviewing skills
  • Conduct at least three informational interviews
  • Create a LinkedIn profile
  • Develop an effective elevator pitch
  • Identify your strengths utilizing the Clifton StrengthsFinder ®
  • Increase your knowledge of effective job search techniques
  • Expand your professional network by 200%
  • Improve your public speaking skills

Program Eligibility Requirements


It Only Takes 4 Easy Steps to Join:

1. Register For A 1 Hour Information Session

We hope you will join us for an in-person information session! You will meet other applicants and get the information you need to determine if this is the right program for you.

2. Online Application 

After attending the information session (and you are ready to apply), you will receive an email with a link to our program application.  Do not worry, this doesn’t lock you in to a final commitment.  

3. Interviews

Once you complete the application and it is determined that you meet our eligibility requirements, we’ll schedule a one-on-one interview. During the interview, we’ll ask about your education, life experience and plans for the future. There are no right or wrong answers—so be honest and be yourself! At the interview you will be asked to complete a writing sample.  (It is a short paragraph so don’t be nervous).

4. Enrollment

If we agree that you’re a good match for the program, we’ll let you know via e-mail and attach a link to our matching form.  This form helps StreetWise Partners match you with your perfect mentor.  Completing the matching form will hold your spot in the program.



That’s it! We look forward to meeting you!

Attend An Upcoming Informational Session

NYC Mentee Session DC Mentee Session

Johann Magia

Trained at PwC, 2016

"Before coming to StreetWise Partners, I was very anxious about networking with new people in a professional environment. I was scared to speak in front of large groups. Starting my career in IT, I really wanted to gain soft skills that will help me promote myself. This professional mentoring program helped me more than I expected. I've learned how to properly present myself, have a professional conversation, build and maintain relationships, and so much more. Today, I have more confidence and I am more comfortable with meeting new people and introducing myself."

Olesia Velchyko

Trained at Deutsche Bank, 2016

"I attended a spring session of the Streetwise Partners program. I attended the program because of misunderstandings on how the job search works in NYC, the right way to build my resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, and increasing my network. From the program, I got all that I expected. A perfect organization and a wonderful mentor gave me results. The main achievement is that I was hired during the program sessions! I am fully thankful to StreetWise Partners staff who gave me the ability to achieve my goal."

Daniele Vieira

Trained at Deutsche Bank, 2016

"Since I moved from Brazil in 2011, my dream was always to pursue a meaningful career in the U.S. I came across Streetwise Partners because I needed to acquire the necessary skills in order to build a career in this country. At Streetwise Partners, I learned about my strengths and how to use them in my favor. I’m now able to express myself more effectively, and my LinkedIn profile has been getting a lot of positive responses. I feel closer and closer to my dream internship after all of the experience that I have gained here."